The Quinceañera is a traditional celebration of a young lady’s transition from childhood to adulthood in Latin American culture. This rite of passage has been observed for centuries and includes the involvement and support of family and friends. The event is a major accomplishment for everyone involved, such as family members like Mom or a favorite aunt. Everyone contributes to pay homage to the Quinceañera.
The organization and preparation of the celebration is done with much anticipation, and is often a large party in a rented banquet hall with buffets and lots of decorations. The day of the party, the young lady wears a long dress and dances a waltz with her father or another close male relative. The event has many essential elements, including evening gowns, tuxedos, hairdos, music, cake, buffet, invitations, jewelry, photography, decorations, flowers, and even limousine rental.
Maintaining this tradition can be quite a challenger for Hispanic families these days, and as a result, many young ladies prefer a less serious party or even a trip with friends or family. Nonetheless, many young women dream of their big day and their beautiful presentation to society.



Girl pageant was initiated to boost our teen participation in our educational program but has become the event of the year for many Hispanic families.

A decade later after its inception, our program, HELP, has inspired more than 150 young Hispanic girls to become a positive role model for our Hispanic youth in Idaho and continue exploring creative ways to reach these vulnerable girls to become great leaders in our community.


  • Increase your self-esteem, get to know yourself better and trust yourself}

  • Promoting a culture that supports effective collaboration

  • Knowledge and Prevention

  • Hispanic young girls Centered and Driven

  • Community Focused

  • Promoting a culture that supports effective collaboration

  • Knowledge and Prevention


We use a coordinated approach, offering workshops designed to break the cycle of failure by dropping out of school and teen pregnancy. Social workers, counselors, and advocates work together, to streamline how to inspire these young Hispanic girls to leadership through these workshops. We know our model works, based on documented outcomes:

  • Among the many benefits that the HELP program brings to a teenager, we can highlight:

  • Building self-confidence

  • Increase your self-esteem, get to know yourself better and trust yourself

  • Lead, motivate and support others

  • Teamwork

  • He gets experience by imitating direct work with program leaders, becoming leaders too.

  • Responsibility and commitment to yourself and those around you.

  • Discover your passion, your talents and your values

  • Define your own objectives and create strategies to achieve them.

  • Personal motivation and Independence.

  • Improve communication

  • Make better decisions

  • Free yourself from depressions



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